Museum closed in preparation for relocation
September 30(Mon.) to February 14(Fri.), 2019
※The museum will not be holding its free viewing day on October 1.

・The museum is scheduled to move and reopen within the building’s premises in May 2020.
・The museum shop will also be closed while the museum is closed during this period.

February 15(Sat.) to March 15(Sun.), 2020
(Closed on Mondays)


Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Art Award Exhibition

This is the 8th exhibition of works submitted for the contemporary painting compe-tition. As a “gateway to success” for new and emerging artists, regardless of age or affiliation, this exhibition features approximately 70 works selected from pieces submitted by artists across Japan (of which 9 are award-winning works). Enjoy these works that capture the sensibilities of their time through various techniques and motifs. These are works of true power, which can potentially become world-class pieces of art in the future. An audience award will also be presented based on votes submitted by visitors.

★This will be the last exhibition held on the 42nd fl. of the building.


Museum closed 3/16 to 5/17, 2020

May 28(Thu.) to July 5(Sun.), 2020
(Closed on Mondays)

Vincent Van Gogh

Commemorative Special Exhibition Part1:

Selected Works from the Collection: Sparkle of Life and Joy of Artistic Creation

From our collection, around 70 masterpieces of different genres, such as Western and Japanese style painting, sculpture, and porcelain, will be exhibited in the Commemorative Special Exhibition Part 1. The theme of this show derives from our new logo which symbolizes one of the most valuable aspects of art; “opening people’s mind.”
Encountering with the works selected here and appreciating their pure forms and colors, or sceneries and objects represented in them, viewers would be awakened a sense of exaltation or tranquility. Although difficult to experience in a busy daily life, such awakening of the sense through art is of great importance in leading to open-mindedness and thereby in fostering a meaningful life.

Museum closed 7/6 to 7/17, 2020

July 18(Sat.) to September 4(Fri.), 2020
(Closed on Mondays, Open on August 10)

Seiji Togo《Nostalgia》1959

Commemorative Special Exhibition Part 2

Seiji Togo: The Beauty in His Work and Togo Collection

This show is aimed at introducing overlooked aspects of life and works of Seiji Togo, one of the important artists in the 20th century Japan. More than 100 works of art will be showcased alongside about the same amount of documents and other materials. A half of the works are paintings, sculptures and prints of Togo, praised for his depiction of the beauty of women in the rise of Modernism in Japan. The other half are works of other artists who were acquainted with or influenced by him, or who participated in French artists’ groups related to the Nika Association, Japanese independent art organization Togo was deeply involved in.
The documents include correspondence of Togo with his wife and friends and printed materials such as book covers he designed and invitation letters to his solo-exhibitions. Also, Togo’s easel, paintbrushes, and other painting materials will be exhibited. Some of these documents and materials in the Togo collection are open to the public for the first time in this show.