An Exhibition of the Marubeni Collection in recognition of Marubeni’s 150th Anniversary

The roots of the trading company Marubeni date back to the end of the Edo Period when the company began its business in linen trading. Over the many years of operation, Marubeni has accumulated a distinctive collection of artwork in line with its tradition of fostering art. Garments that were collected for marketing fabrics are now valuable resources that allow us to trace back the history of modern dyeing technologies and trends in fashion. In the early Showa Period, Marubeni developed close connections with many prominent fine artists who were commissioned to design kimonos, and began a collection of fine paintings, the majority of which were created by western artists. Such paintings include those by Gainsborough, Corot, Courbet, Buffet, members of Ecole de Paris and impressionist painters. Many were collected when Marubeni first began importing and selling artwork as part of its business as a trading company, targeting the Japanese market that had reached its prime in the 1970s. A noteworthy piece among the collection is La Bella Simonetta, the only painting by Botticelli that is owned in Japan today.

The Marubeni Collection was developed through the company’s business of providing its customers with a wide range of everyday products. It is likened to an album filled with beautiful garments and paintings that have thrilled the hearts of Japanese people at various times in the past. The exhibition offers a rare opportunity to view over 80 pieces which were especially selected from a large, rarely-seen collection of period garments, designs, and western-style paintings from Japan and the west.

* In order to prevent physical deterioration, seven garment pieces are scheduled to be changed on Monday, December 8th.

Exhibition Details

From November 22 (Sat.) to December 28 (Sun.), 2008
(closed Mondays except November 24)
Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Museum of Art
1-26-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8338
Sompo Japan Headquarters build. 42nd floor
Open Hours
10:00-18:00 (Admittance by 17:30)
10:00-20:00 (Fridays, Admittance by 19:30)
Adults:1,000yen (800yen)
University & High School Students:600 yen (500yen)
Senior Citizens (65 years and more): 800yen
Children of Junior High School or under: Free
( ) indicated discount rates for groups of 20 and more
Organized by
Marubeni Corporation
Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Museum of Art
The Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd.
Supported by
Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.
Cooperation with
Kyoto Marubeni Co., Ltd.


Sandro Botticelli
《La bella Simonetta》 c.1480-1485
《Kosode with diamond-lattice and willow pattern (restoration)》 1999
Moise Kisling
《Mimosas》 1952
Ryuzaburo Umehara
《Sakurajima Island》 1937